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Picture of Yasir Jaswal

About Yasir Jaswal

Yasir M Jaswal is a Pakistani singer, writer, filmmaker, and award-winning music director. He was the lead singer for his band Irtaash. He was also the lead vocalist for the band Call. He directed several award-winning music videos and in 2015 he made his feature film debut with Jalaibee. His younger brothers Umair and Uzair Jaswal are also singers and actors. He won Lux Style Award in 2014 for directing music video of Uzair's single Bolay. He is also won best music video director at the Hum Award in 2016 for the song Sajna by his brother Uzair Jaswal. His most recent venture has been a burger joint in Islamabad by the name of Jessie's which he has opened along with his brothers and friend.

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