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The biggest online radio. The radio that fits you.

Who we are

We are, above all, people passionate by music. We are serial entrepreneurs who want to revolutionaize the way that people listen to music. is born to become the biggest an the better online radio in the world.

What do we do

We aggregate music from all music platforms in order to facilitate the way users have acces to it. We analayze the music, we related between them and we create the best playlists using AI and tools we have develop. With all this work, we give the user the best charts by country, language, artist, mood etyc. We help you to personalize the music that fits you better.

Which is our aim

Our aim is to give free, legal acces to people to all the music in the world. Our aim is to transform the world of music, by re-inventing the radio and the playlists. Our aim is to make happy all the people like, we do, love and live for the music.

Hottest videos on mozaart right now

Notion by The Rare Occasions
The Rare Occasions
Está Dañada by Ivan Cornejo
Está Dañada
Ivan Cornejo
The Red Means I Love You by Madds Buckley
The Red Means I Love You
Madds Buckley
love nwantiti (ah ah ah) by CKay
love nwantiti (ah ah ah)
masquerade by Siouxxie
love nwantiti (feat. DJ Yo & AX'EL) - Remix by CKay, DJ Yo, AX'EL
love nwantiti (feat. DJ Yo & AX'EL) - Remix
CKay, DJ Yo, AX'EL
this is what falling in love feels like by JVKE
this is what falling in love feels like
Two Moons by BoyWithUke
Two Moons
Registred 2019
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