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Picture of Lucid Druid

About Lucid Druid

Lucid Druid is a Celtic fusion band that formed in Clearwater, Florida in 2003. The band self-proclaims their sound as "Traditional Celtic Music of the early 21st century," and "Eclectic World-Fusion Music," describing their multi-faceted and jam-induced music. Highlighting the original compositions of two-time World Champion bagpiper Adam Quinn (formerly of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band), the band is composed of 5 core members who integrate the sounds of bagpipes, guitar, double bass, didgeridoo & Scottish snare with a variety of African drums to create a unique sound. The music of Lucid Druid fuses the qualities of traditional & modern Scottish music with elements of rock, jazz, country, and traditional African rhythms. Their unusual arrangements and exploratory jams make their music un-comparable to anything else being produced today in the genre of Celtic fusion music. The band still maintains their original lineup which consists of the following members: Adam Quinn - Bagpipes, Degerpipes, Shuttlepipes, Didgeridoo, Clarinet Steve Turner - Ashiko, Djembe, Drum Set, Didgeridoo Joe Porter - Double Bass, Electric Bass Doug White - Scottish Snare, Drum Set, Roto-Tams, Bongos Sebastian Deledda - Guitars

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Lucid Druid , which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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